Sunday, May 11, 2014

Marsh Tacky Component

We have begun the spring breeding for the Corolla off site breeding program. Croatoan is bred to our spectacular Marsh Tacky mare, Hickory Wind.

Hickory Wind goes by another name on her registration papers. She is even easier to train than the wild Corollas. Friday before dark she had her first saddle on. Minutes later Lydia was on her back. The horse never even alerted, much less showed any fear. Without training she responded to Lydia's request to back up as if she had been trained for months. She was so calm that she just walked off and grazed while Lydia was on her back.

These things are hard to believe until one has experienced what some of these Colonial Spanish Horses have to offer. Gentle, smart, easy keepers, smooth gaits, great hooves, small enough for a child yet strong enough to carry most adults with ease.

Yet they teeter on the brink of extinction.

We can't let that happen.

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Anonymous said...

When you told me to get a saddle and a pad, I didn't realize she had only had a blanket before. It wasn't until you told everyone on the porch to, "check this out. this mare has never had a saddle before," that I realized she was untrained. At that point, I was working on tightening the girth. She did marvelously-- maybe even better than Rico. I said >>MAYBE<<. :)