Monday, April 28, 2014

The Music He Had In Him So Very Few Possessed

Wanchese brings to mine that line from Gram Parson's great song, (cited above) "In My Hour Of Darkness". The little Shackleford stallion in this picture is being ridden by Terry deep in the woods, coming out of a beautiful swamp where I rarely take riders.

He goes. He does not tire. He does not balk. He only asks to be asked to go. And then he is gone.

He has more heart than my other stallions. That is a lot to say for a horse. The other stallions are incredible in their own right.

But Wanchese has something in him that so very few possess.


Anonymous said...

I love this picture of 'Chese and Terry..And while I did not make this particular ride, the ride through these woods later on was great. I love the beech woods.

Until this last weekend, I had never messed with Wanchese..just admired him from afar. That was probably a mistake. That is alot of horse in a small package.
In my limited experience at training horses, I have worked with quite a few, and none of them have had the force of personality, or the sheer strength as this little beach king. Here is a horse who can teach you a whole lot about horses, but more importantly, can teach you alot about yourself, if you are willing to listen. I wonder what old Black Kettle would have to say about him. He is obviously imbued with a very special spirit. -Lloyd

Anonymous said...

For school, I had to write a poem about something I thought to be beautiful. Rather than choosing something like a famous painting or sculpture, I wrote about Wanchese. Well, here it is:

The thundering, the pounding
Through the hills resounding.
The glossy coat the flashing mane,
His movements like fluid rain.
He runs like he's free,
As happy as can be--
Wanchese of the Wild Horses.
Son of Dionysus,
Taken because of crisis.
As sweet as can be,
But a fighter is he--
Wanchese of the Wild Horses.
Like a black spirit,
A song, but none hear it;
A wish that none speak;
A dream that none seek;
A power that none harness;
A will that none tarnish--
Wanchese of the Wild Horses.

Anonymous said...

Perfect! it was a good choice of subject matter..Little stud is natures own art..