Sunday, April 27, 2014

O.K., Even I Thought Him Too Small--And I Was Wrong

Years ago, at an HOA national meeting, I asked Tom Norush, HOA President, if the smallest Shacklefords could carry a person my size. I was surprised when he told me that as long as the horse was grown even the smallest Shacklefords would have no problem with me.

When I was less knowledgeable about these horses I did not see how a horse the size of this beautiful stallion could carry me. I was wrong.  Wanchese carries me as if I weigh no more than saddle blanket.

Wanchese has been carrying adult riders for years now--never a hint of lameness or pain, or even slight discomfort.

Not even once.

There are very few 17 hand Warmbloods who live in stables that can make that claim.

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Anonymous said...

I can attest to his strength..the little fellow is strong...about one horsepower..but that power in this little guy is up there with a much larger horse. And he is not carrying an extra 300-400 lbs.

Wanchese is smart, strong, gentle, and very very graceful. A Corvette in a beer cart world. -Lloyd