Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Favorite Rides Are Like My Coffee

Pitch black. I used to dread the short days of fall and winter because it meant that my opportunities to ride were boiling down to nearly nothing. Now it is my favorite time to ride. I enjoy no riding experience more than gaiting through the woods, relying on my horse to avoid the trees and keep us both safe. We have never had an injury during a night ride and I only recall one rider getting tossed in the dark.

Tonight we will not set out until after it is completely dark. Black powder season is in and I want to give all the hunters a chance to get out of the woods before we go in. Looking forward to things too much generally leads to disappointment, but I am looking forward to hitting the woods tonight.

(Here is a picture of The Black Drink, a five month old stud colt that we bred in the off site breeding program. He is so beautiful that he even looks good in the dark.)

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