Saturday, October 1, 2011

They Just Do Not Make Mao Suits In My Size

Got asked a question yesterday that was hard to answer. Worse yet, it appears that the answer is even harder for others to understand. Wayne asked me why I walked my boar hog on a leash. The answer was so clear to me that the question seemed absurd.

"Because no one else has a boar hog that they can walk on a leash," is the obvious answer.

Wayne rejoined that "no one else wants to walk a boar hog on a leash."

I cannot be held responsible for the rest of the world's intense desire to seek out the bland and the banal.

Perhaps I will be respected more in death. I mean, assuming that the taxidermist does a good job on me.

Now there will be a wall mount that will be both a real ice breaker and conversation piece.

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