Tuesday, January 30, 2018

One Day I Looked Up and He's Turnin' Eighty why's he all dressed up like them old men?

Time flies by and it is time to catch up.

Manteo is the first wild Corolla stallion that we obtained. Over the years we have bred prudently and slowly--perhaps too slowly. I never want to produce more foals in the Corolla offsite breeding program than we can place.

Saving the Corollas from extinction will require much more than simply producing foals.

This summer we will break out and breed more mares than we ever have. We will breed several mares in the spring and several more in the fall. It is against my cautious nature to breed as many horses as we plan to, but time is passing by. Some of our foundation mares are in their teens. Our program is larger than it ever has been and is growing steadily. Development of a separate 501 (c) 3 non profit to fund our ever expanding educational programs will provide even more exposure for the remnant of these Colonial Spanish horses.

Next summer one of the colts born last summer will be going to Colorado. I hope that this will lead to the eventual development of some breeding programs out west.

There has never been a more exciting time to become part of what we do. Check out the Mill Swamp Indian Horse group facebook page. See our website at

This is your invitation to become part of a completely unique equine program.

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Dianne W said...

Love that head profile! Classic Spanish.