Sunday, September 10, 2017

Horses, History, Education, Permaculture, Conservation..and Music

The time has long since past when our program was simply a place to learn to ride. We teach and practice natural horsemanship,riding,rare and historic livestock conservation, history,soil and water conservation, natural hoof care, natural horse care,public service, permaculture, and music.

We are a non-profit breed conservation program with no paid staff. We are all volunteers. Our program has become a cultural and educational institution. And every aspect of our program serves our central focus of preserving and promoting nearly extinct strains of Colonial Spanish Horses. Each aspect of our program serves to attract more people out to the horses lot to learn about these horses.

On Monday nights many program participants get together to learn ancient songs, often on ancient instruments.

The thread that ties our program together is that every aspect reaches back to bring some of the best aspects of the past to the present.

And that is what we are doing with our horses.

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