Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Great Distance Derby: Time to Fire Up the GPS

The Great Distance Derby is one kind of equine competition that I greatly approve of. It allows one to simply compete against one's self. The premise could not be more simple--ride your horse, record the mileage, send it in and their computer takes it from there.

This year there is a great improvement in the program. In the past one could only register one horse per rider team. I registered Joey, my super Choctaw. He took 31st place nationally.

This year one can be part of a multi horse team. That means that you can register yourself and several horses that you will ride over the next year. I registered Joey and Holland, a Shackleford, along with Stitch, an unridden Corolla stallion, and Janie an HOA horse of Grand Canyon descent.

Few things are better for the mind and the body than to cover significant ground on a horse. Over the first six months of 2016 I rode one thousand and two miles. The picture above is taken after Terry and I completed a 109 miles ride in 17 hours a few years ago.

I know that these are not huge numbers for a modern endurance racing rider, but for a fifty seven year old prosecutor they are sufficient.

I think that there is still time to register. Sign up, $25.00 for adults, free or under 18. Check out there blog for for information.

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