Saturday, October 8, 2016

Saddle Bags To Keep You In The Saddle

Anyone who has ridden with me knows that I am not a gifted rider with extraordinary balance. We ride in very rough terrain. I am fifty six years old and well over weight. I am in the saddle a lot, 1002 miles between January 1 and June 30 of 2016.

Yet, it is rare for me to hit the ground. I have come to realize that most of the times that a person falls from a horse it is because the rider was not strong enough to stay on.

Truly pounding the heavy bag increases, strength, power, quickness and coordination. When used as part of a tabata protocol it leads to significant increases in cardio vascular fitness.

If you want to ride very hard, especially if you have a bit of age on you, the heavy bag is the best saddle bag money can buy.

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