Saturday, September 24, 2016

Horse Brushes and Paint Brushes

Much is written and is slowly becoming understood about how working with horses helps emotional healing. It is still more of a mystery than it is understood.

From my limited observation, it seems that working with horses can open doors to creativity. Here are two award winning paintings that Pam did of two Corolla stallions and a Shackleford stallion. I do not think that working horses creates talent where none existed but I think that it is possible that it helps talents surface or perhaps merely clears the mind so one can take the time to create.

I see creativity coming out in painting but also in other creative endeavors--Jackie's colonial garden, Wendell's gates, Pam's girth's, Lloyd's quirts, bosals, and dulcimer work, Kay's writing, Ashley's cooking and I even see it in non-tangible creation.

It seems that natural horsemanship might even open the door to musical creativity. When one considers how many of our riders can take the stage playing instruments that they had never touched 18 month's ago it seems like more than a coincidence.

This will be my next meandering study--the link, if any, between natural horsemanship and creativity.

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