Thursday, September 22, 2016

Big Events For 2017 At Mill Swamp Indian Horses

We are a non profit organization and are governed by a Board of Directors which met this week. We have approved plans to hold two major events next year and will be looking into doing a third.

We have not chosen dates for the events at this time:

Virginia American Indian Horse Festival: Featuring Living history, book signings, stone age technology, hide tanning, horse training demonstrations, music,  black powder firearms and tours of our diverse herd of Colonial Spanish horses. It will be the first such event we have held in a decade. Our inaugural American Indian Horse Festival attracted nearly 900 visitors. We will likely have a few horses for sale at that event.

Virginia Rare Livestock and Heritage Breed Festival: Featuring rare and nearly extinct breeds of livestock, poultry and horses. with our replica 1650's farm site as a back drop. We hope to have demonstrations of working livestock such as mules and perhaps even oxen plowing. We will have a Parade of Strains of Colonial Spanish horses. We will seek to provide a showcase for heirloom plants and vegetables.  This will be our biggest event of the year and we hope to have several horses for sale at that event.

Warrosquoyacke Native American Expo: We hope to have an event featuring members of local tribes demonstrating native living skills, dances and crafts. Demonstrations of horse taming using training techniques developed by Argentinian Indians will be one of the days highlights.

If you want to be on the email list  either as a potential exhibitor or simply as a visitor send me an email at

It is going to be a great year for our program and for the efforts to prevent the extinction of these rare, historic horses.

Burns Red In the Sun is pictured above. His father is a Bacca Colonial Spanish horse. I understand that only two adult Bacca stallions exist today. That is why he is so important and he is only one of several horses that we have from various  endangered Colonial Spanish horse strains. Corollas, Shacklefords, Choctaws, Marsh Tackys, a Galiceno, and Grand Canyons are just some of the horses that you will see at Mill Swamp Indian Horses.

More information will come on this log as plans for the events develop.

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Dianne W said...

That is a lovely colt. I think his mother deserves some credit, too.