Friday, June 24, 2016

Choctaw Horses on Screen: The Video Says It All

This is a powerful, simple, honest, hype free video about why the Choctaws are worth dedicating one's life to preserving. Much of what is said here is true for every strain that we work to preserve.

Everyone who participates in, or supports, our program should view this short film over and over. It says more in 19 minutes than I have been able to say in a decade.

On July 2 I will be in SC where the man who has been to the Marsh Tackys what Bryant Rickman has been for the Choctaw is auctioning off about 85 Marsh Tackys. Perhaps to be scattered to the winds--perhaps to fall into the hands of those who will keep the effort going.There are a dedicated group of breeders that work hard to preserve those horses. They will keep the effort alive.

Kids don't like to hear or think about it, but life has its limits. I am not going to live forever. Nothing would be worse for me than to come to believe that our program would die with me.

Parents, please look at this video with your kids and talk to them about what preservation means and why it matters.

Ralph Stanley died yesterday. He left behind him several generations of banjo players that carry on his unique style. He left behind a library of recordings of ancient songs that would be lost to the ages but for his work.

In fact, he left so much behind that he has not truly left us.

I want to leave enough satellite breeding programs so that the Corollas, Choctaws, Shacklefords, and Marsh Tacky's will be here for 500 more years. I want to leave knowing that all across the nation there are programs like ours that save people and horses. I want to leave knowing that others are following the very simple model of our program.

Especially for those of you who are new to the program--watch this video.

(The picture above is of Joey, one of our Choctaws and one of the greatest horses that I have ever met.)

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