Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sometimes The Road Is Rough Along The Way Boys

....but I won't traveling alone." A great line from Steve Earle's great and wonderfully simple song "Pilgrim". Yesterday we pulled off our first special event of the season. We did so among bands of heavy rain and a bit of wind.

And we were incredibly shorthanded yesterday.

We also did our regular riding program. And Ben even sowed little fertilizer. And Jen and Elise helped keep everything going smoothly. And Ben and Chris did what was needed. And Andrew worked with some of the young people to get a cooking rack made in the settler's farm. And Lloyd did a great round pen demo. And Will rounded up horses. And Abigail and Emily helped with the new riders at noon. And Lydia was there to pitch in though she was quite ill.

And it was hard. While all this was going on Daddy was in surgery for many hours. It was the first time that we have ever had a special event without him being there.

At such times one should never have to travel alone.

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George W said...

Funny thing about family....It tends to pull in and go on amd get things done in spite of everything...-Lloyd