Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Knowing Matters, Doing It Matters More

Th cliche has meaning--its flight or fight. If the horse feels trapped and threatened violence is a typical reaction. I know that but this morning my mind was on something else and I slipped up--went to give dewormer to a horse who was tied.

I do not do that....but I did this morning.

If a horse feels the need to move away quickly because of a surprise I do not want to increase the reaction by making it impossible for him to do so. Even a horse that has no problem with something like wormer should have the right to shuffle his feet around if when that strange taste hits his tongue.

I went to worm Manteo and he set back on the rope--I released him from the tie but by then he was tensed up.  He went up on his hind legs and struck quickly--landed a quick jab to my left temple.

Could have turned out badly--don't think that it did but could have.

What you know is not as important as what you do.

Be ye not mere hearers of the word but also be doers of the word.


George W said...

Funny how that works...and it depends on the horse...I have never hesitated to worm Snow tied...Scoundrel the same way...and I can worm both of them in the pasture without a rope on them...

Those are the only two I am that sure of...except maybe Stardust...

Try to worm Bitsy like that and I am quite sure one or both of would get hurt.

Glad you are ok.


Anonymous said...

Well said. Thank you for sharing.