Saturday, January 30, 2016

Now She Is Grown--But Lydia Was Not Always One of My Big Girls

Lydia and Owl Prophet

Owl Prophet, named for the Commanche holy man, was born to Ghost Dance and Wind in His Hair on Easter Sunday three years ago. He had a serious chill in the hours after his birth and nearly died. Luckily for him, Mill Swamp Indian Horses is a high tech, modern equine facility of the most sophisticated variety. As a result, I had my equine infant incubator on hand. I drove that Chevrolet Silverado incubator right on out to him and placed him inside the truck. I turned the heater heater up high and in about half an hour he was sitting up and happpily staring out of the window lookiing at Ghost Dance.

I doubt that Lydia had to be heated up in a truck after she was born, but aside from that they are quite a match. Both are lean, long legged,athletic and intense. Lydia is about 13 and has become a very good colt starter. She creates the appearance of having absolute control over her emotions, fear, anger, joy--they all look the same on her face. In fact, the only time that I have ever seen her appear angry was when I claimed to be funnier than her father. (Just a warning, if you meet Lydia I cannot be responsible for what she might do if you dare suggest that you are funnier than her father.)

Primarily becuase of her extreme self control, she instills trust and confidence in colts that few professionals could. Lydia is particularily skilled at getting terrified colts to step into and gently out of huge tractor tires. (Tire training has become an important part of our despooking program.)

Owl Prophet is a nervous, jumpy colt. Yesterday she lead him through the amusement park and gently handled him for about two hours. Later she saddled him without incident and mounted up as I lead him around the round pen for perhaps 15 minutes. He relaxed, yawned and walked around with his head lowered. Lydia will soon have him in the woods. He will be a super distance horse.

To the person who quite rudely questioned the worth of our horses, I suggest that you contact Lydia instead of any of my other riders/horse owners. She is much more likely to maintain her composure while discussing the matter with you. Just do not suggest that you are funnier than her father.

(Ghost Dance and Owl Prophet when he was a foal are depicted in the picture above.)

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