Monday, November 30, 2015

Winning Matters...

d long as one is only competing against one's self. In every life a crisis will come that will be more than one feels that one can handle. It is at those times that one needs to be able to reach way down within themselves and pull out the memory of the accomplishment of a hard sought goal and the lessons learned from it.

Many people will have the experience of having a doctor tell them that the "test results are troubling." Even more will have a boss tell them that their job is being eliminated. An even greater number will face the unexpected death of a loved one. It is confidence, optimism and faith that gets one through those times.

Actual achievement creates confidence. Taking on a challenge that others would consider impossible and succeeding gives a sense of security that on can draw back on twenty five years later. It applies across the board.

When I am faced with a tremendously difficult case I do not get much comfort reminding myself that I have been prosecuting cases for over 15 years. There is very little comfort in reminding myself that I am an experienced prosecutor. There are a lot of experienced lawyers out there

But there is a great deal of comfort when I remind myself that I am an experienced prosecutor who at age 54 rode 109 miles in 17 hours.

And that is why I am so strongly encouraging some of my novice riders to work hard to become a good enough rider, horse handler and athlete to participate in our March Mudness 25 Mile Endurance Race.

To participate in it, and finish it.

And to learn something about yourself that you might need to have around one day.

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