Monday, November 30, 2015

Riding Stallions--This One Goes Back a Few years

Four Formerly Wild Stallions

Lydia sits on Edward Teach, captured because of a gaping wound in his neck. I am on Tradewind, captured because he was utterly crippled with founder. Christina is riding Manteo, captured for stifle surgery. And Terry is riding the lead stallion at our place, Wanchese, captured as part of the adoption program for herd management at Shackleford.

Please note how much of the wisdom of the established horse world this picture refutes. A teen age girl riding a stallion! Two riders over 50 riding stallions! One rider with limited experience riding a stallion! Four stallions being ridden together! Four adults riding ponies!

Natural horsemanship trained these horses. Natural hoof care saved one of these horses. Natural horse care--hay and grass, never confined in stables, is what  made these horses physically and emotionally healthy.

Could this be done by most horse people? I really want to be an optimist and say, yes. We all have to deal with our past experiences. Some people have had horses all of their lives, expensive horses, well bred horses of every fad breed that has come up in the past 20 years. Horses that can often be ridden, but too often can't be because of their current unsoundness of the moment--Horse who live under the very most unhealthy conditions that money can buy.

If you fall into that category do not despair. It is still possible for you to learn something about horses. You can overcome that crippling background. It takes a great deal of character to walk away from the established horse world and to walk into a world of meaningful horsemanship, but it can be done.

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