Thursday, November 26, 2015

In Memory of...

Cultural preservationists are my heroes. They do not build cultures but they maintain the mystic sinews of memory that hold together the best of what we are, what we were and what we can become. A.P. Carter, the publishers of Foxfire, Bob Brislawn, and all of the brilliant old people who surround themselves with young people brilliant enough to understand that what they are hearing  needs to be preserved for the future--these are my heroes.

Cultural preservationists are among the most selfless members of society. They receive no direct benefit of what they do. There is no money to be made in dedicating one's self to teaching the importance of saving the best of the past for unborn generations. In fact one can loose a great deal of money doing so.

Mozelle Dukes Henry was a cultural preservationist. She was a Choctaw lady from Oklahoma who spent most of her life living in Northern, Virgina. She encouraged the preservation of the horses of her people--the horses that she knew and rode as a child--

the horses that she remembered. 

Of course, her support of these horses was just a small part of the life of a lady dedicated to her family and making the world around her a better place. But it was an important part and it was all because she wanted future generations to be able to experience anew her memories.  

Our Choctaw horse involvement began when I got Joey from her daughter Monique. It has now grown to the point that we have three stunning Choctaw mares that will be very important parts both of our Corolla breeding program and our Choctaw breeding program.

Though they will not realize twenty years from now when a child mounts up on the descendant  of some of our Choctaws they will be riding because of the memories of Mozelle Henry.

And they will be riding in memory of Mozelle Henry

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Monique Sheaffer said...

God bless for this beautiful tribute for my beautiful Mom. Yakoke.