Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summers Are For Stallions

This summer I intend to direct the gentling and training of three of my stallions--Scoundrel Days, a Grand Canyon, Corn Stalk, a Corolla, and Stitch, a big Corolla.

So many myths abound concerning stallions. The reality is a horse is trained or it is not, regardless of  its sex. One must be alert when riding a stallion with any mares that are in heat but otherwise, if trained properly and ridden by a confident rider, I have no problem riding my stallions with other horses.

This is one point where I absolutely agree with the established horse world. They say that they can not train a stallions so he can be safely controlled.

For the most part they are correct.

I don't think that most of them could train a stallion to be safely ridden with other horses.

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