Sunday, June 7, 2015

Coming Home

( Below is a post that goes back to 2009. Rebecca's family has been living out of state for several years and as I type this they are en route to their new home back here in the area. That means that I will soon have Rebecca and her boys back in my horse lot.The end result will be a significant uplift for the horse lot and for me)

Rebecca came to ride with us as a present from her husband on their first anniversary. She quickly became a skilled rider. She was in her early twenties and had been a gymnast for years. Within a few months she had gone from merely learning to ride to becoming my most serious student of natural horsemanship. Monday through Friday she would commute nearly 1/2 hour to come out to the horse lot before the sun rose to help me break horses. She then would spend the entire day on Saturday riding and working colts.

Rebecca gentled one mare that I feared had been too emotionally scarred to ever settle down. She turned her into a solid trail horse with patience and skill that one would never expect in a trainer of such relatively little experience. To this day she remains the best person to work a scared horse that I have met.

Over the years she has continued to take an active role in everything that we do at the horse lot. I have learned to trust her judgement on matters ranging from whether or not to acquire certain horses to making major purchases for the horse lot.

People often asked me how I have been able to put our program together by myself. The answer is simple. I didn't.

(In the picture above she is riding my Spanish Mustang stallion, Ta Sunka Witco, after breaking him to saddle when he was a colt.)

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