Thursday, November 20, 2014

Living A Three Dimensional Life

The deer was stunning as it stood by the edge of the field, the largest pinto colored buck that I had seen in front of my home. The soy beans were golden, the morning sun truck the odd white patterns on his side-- reflected sunlight darted from ivory colored horns--movement a study in power as he carried his heavy head in front of his body.....

....but the picture stunk. Cold, flat, no movement, a side view of an odd colored deer--that's all--a meaningless one dimensional misrepresentation of reality.

Our program succeeds because we work hard to maintain a three dimensional view of life. Learning to ride horses in a circle in a sandy arena is not the goal of our program. That is one dimensional horsemanship--that is one dimensional living.

The practice of natural horsemanship requires one to learn not only a new form of communication, but a world view and a perception of reality that is entirely alien to humans. Humans, as omnivorous predators, have nearly nothing in common with horses. When a person learns to enter the horse's world by truly understanding the horse's mind the person expands his ability to relate to others who come from a different world.

That matters. 

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