Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Question Of Vocabulary

Words matter and confusing words matter even more. My terminology has been confusing regarding the wild horses of the Outer Banks. Now to try to explain:

These horses have always been called Bankers. There are now two herds in the wild of these horses. One located at Shackleford and one at Corolla. I have generally called the horses Corollas or Shacklefords so that they cannot be confused with the horses in confinement at Ocracoke. Those horses are mixtures of Bankers and modern breeds.

The picture above clarifies eloquently. This is Huskinaw when still quite young. Her mother, Persa is from Shackleford, and her father, Manteo is from Corolla.

All three are properly called Bankers.

Just please do not confuse them with Chincoteagues or those from Ocracoke. Both of those horses have Spanish lineage but a great deal of modern horse breeding in them.

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Anonymous said...

Also not to be confused with men in expensive suits or Toyota cars...-Lloyd