Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Galiceno For Our Program

Our newest addition--a five year old Galiceno from Galicenos of Suwannee in Florida. The Galicenos have a slightly different phenotype than my other strains of Colonial Spanish Horses, but this one has the same mind as do the Corollas. Here he is jut a few hours after getting off of the trailer from Florida and having no previous experience with a saddle .

One of the advantages of having the strength come back in my hands post surgery is that I can step back in and be directly in charge of handling and training a young horse. I will use him to help a newer rider learn how the mind of a horse works but except for that I will handle his training myself.

This is the second Galiceno that I have ever seen in person. The first was more than 45 years ago.

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Anonymous said...

File this one under amazing coincidence: I was performing at an event yesterday on my Colonial Spanish horse, and afterwards a gentleman from the audience asked if I knew what a Galaceno was. He said his father used to have one, many years ago. I had to admit I had not heard of that breed.

Yesterday, I did not know what a Galaceno was. Now I know.

Deb in CA