Friday, October 31, 2014

You Must Be Healthy To Get The Best Out of Horse Training

Can't catch your horse? Are you operating on an extreme sleep deficit. Go to sleep --come back--now your horse wants to be caught.

Horse not moving out as well since you sprained your knee? You are compensating for that hurt knee by shifting your weight confusing, and perhaps even causing discomfort, for the horse.

Horse is super spooky and scared of things that normally don't bother him. Are you under severe pressure and stressed to the point that it is impeding your ability to function. It's impeding your horse's ability to function too.

Exercise. Drink incredible amounts of water. Sleep. Take vitamins. Eat Sour Kraught every day and watch how much easier your horse is to handle.

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Dianne W. said...

Indeed, you cannot expect your horse to be at her best if you are not at your best.