Thursday, October 16, 2014

Is He Hungrier Than The Others Who Hunger....

.... or deader than the others who have died?

Once again I see stories about horses who have been successful competitors or who have made money for their owners yet end up in slaughter houses or being starved or abused.

Seems that these stories get a lot of attention.


The vile reality is that we put a higher value on the lives of these horses than on anonymous horses. After all, these horses once had market value.

The equation of market value with the value of a horse's life is the fundamental underpinning of the established horse world. It is the fundamental moral flaw of the established horse world.

Decent, compassionate people should not tacitly endorse such a belief by wringing their hands over the slaughter of a once highly successful race horse an iota more than they ring their hands over the slaughter of horse #371 of undetermined breed or origin.

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