Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our Three Choctaw Horses

One is trained to suit me. One is 80% trained. One is still an unknown quantity but I bet he will be easier than many have thought.


Anonymous said...

That picture is just about as all American as it gets. The term 'Mustang' conjures up a mental image of wild freedom, and that picture is worth a thousand words on the subject.
These boys live up to those words, powerful, fleet of foot, and they WANT to be with you.

The first Americans knew horses...probably better than any people who have ever lived on this planet, perhaps excepting the Mongols...These horses are the products of many, many generations of that the risk of sounding like a car commercial, life really begins when you climb on a mustang. The earlier, the better. -Lloyd

Unknown said...

Though perhaps not a true Medicine Hat he is something even more rare. Sacred Man is a horse that walks with a foot in two worlds; the world of men and the world of Spirit. That is the message of his markings. He recognizes those who do the same and in them finds peace and a kindred spirit and will ultimately give his all.