Sunday, June 22, 2014


Finding a bright teenage boy in this culture requires a patient and diligent search. Several years ago I found one. KC was one of the brightest spots in a post-Lido horse lot. Perhaps as bright as me, certainly as eccentric as me, KC was always looking to fill the empty spots in his brain.

As long as he was learning,(about nearly anything) he was happy. As long as I was teaching,(about nearly anything) I was happy.

This picture is about four or five years old.

 KC moved away.

Now he has come home.

Early this morning he was on the sofa reading Richard Goodwin's "Remembering America". He was learning--from one of my favorite books of all time.

He has ridden every day since moving in. He has ridden Ghost Dance more than she has ever been ridden. He has ridden Feather, a four year old Colonial Spanish horse that he is training for a couple of woods rides and gave her her first opportunity to canter in the woods.

He has nearly finished building a new hog pen. He has played music twice at a tea room and once at a senior citizens convalescent center. He has learned to play Ashley's favorite song, "I See Fire" as I never could and the two of them have really hit a home run with the song. He has helped Dan get the new parking lot going.

Tomorrow will make two weeks that he has been back with me.

He is off to a good start.

We have a thousand good things going on as we are expanding our program. Having KC home is the best of them.

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Pamela Y said...

This young fella has so many things going for him I don't even know where to begin. He's easy to talk to, mature, polite, considerate, hard-working, pleasant, good-humored, talented. And that's just what I've learned about him in two weeks. Welcome home!