Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Thaw

The blog has not had as many posts as usual lately. Sometimes that is the result of having little going on. More often it is the result of having so much news that there is not time to post it all.

We are in the latter category. News abounds--books,a documentary, new programs, new horses, new historic replications--I will catch up.

Bottom line is that we have been too busy to tell you how busy we have been.

And springtime arrives this week!

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps a symptom of the changing seasons..can't help but be, when viewed in a certain light. Our horses have a natural ebb and flow as the seasons change, weight gained, weight lost, they get "green hungry" (as do we all) hooves grow faster, hooves grow slower...
So it must be with all of us, things come and go, people come and go.
The daffodils are blooming amid a winter storm coming today, the trees are positively bursting with the need to bring forth new life, there is a certain edge in the horses, the annual desire for warm weather and the biological and emotional changes that come from the world being born anew... is tome for Spring. -Lloyd