Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Crossing

It is spring time. I like for my foals to be born when the sun is warm and the grass is green. That means that May is the earliest that I like to have the mares bred for the Corolla off site breeding program. The two horses pictured above will figure prominently in this years breeding. The mare is a Marsh Tacky, a very close relative of the Bankers. The stallion is a Shackleford, a Banker from an island about one hundred and seventy five miles to the south of Corolla.

They are part of the effort to bring genetic diversity to the few remaining Corollas. This close breeding will not be a matter of changing the Corollas from what they once were, but instead will help restore lost genetic material.

The offspring will be available to those who wish to join the effort to prevent the extinction of one of the nations oldest and rarest distinct genetic grouping of American horses. If you are one of those people now is the time to contact us to learn how to have a Corolla of your own and help to preserve and promote these horses domestically.

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