Friday, March 28, 2014


Here is a shot at the conclusion of the 109 mile ride Terry and I did last Saturday. We began at 3:00 am and finshed at 8:00 pm.

 On Sunday I rested.

Every morning since then I have ridden before going into the office and am going to go do a fast ride of 6 or 7 miles before beginning a full day of work today.

I am 54 years old.

All things considered I find this to be a better way of dealing with being 54 than buying a sports car.

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Anonymous said...

And in the long haul..more satisfying. That is a good bunch of people in that picture...pretty much all of them show up every Saturday, and most Sundays, and some a few days in between..dedication to an idea that works, in spite of the rat race world we live in.
They say life is pretty fast, and you have to stop and smell the roses. Life down in the Swamp has it's own pace, it's own ebb and flow..and it is not too fast.
As the old Vaqueros said..."esta manana." There is always time with a horse. Go ask Wendell and Comet about that one. -Lloyd