Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mill Swamp Indian Horse Views: Objectively Speaking--The American Indian Horse Ha...

Healthy, happy horses who are given steady exercise, a grass and hay based diet, kept out of stables and given first rate natural hoof care can accomplish much more than the established horse world imagines possible. Think of the implications of that for a moment.  When one is so alienate from one's horse that one does not even know what the horse could do if given a chance, one does not have a poor relationship with the horse. one has no relationship with the horse.Hit this link to see what is easily attainable for the natural horse.Mill Swamp Indian Horse Views: Objectively Speaking--The American Indian Horse Ha...: What we do is unconventional. Put simply, we teach little children to tame, train and ride wild horses and colts and then we ride them v...

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Anonymous said...

Here is an offbeat comparison, but one I feel is January of 1962 an incredibly hush hush program was born and concealed within the conventional command structure of the US Navy..From the established world of the Uderwater Demolition Teams (UDT) was born the Underwater Demolition Teams/Sea Air and Land more commonly known today as the Navy Seals. Farfetched? Not really. The Seals were created to respond to unconventional problems which could not be addressed within conventional tactics and strategy, they were made to work within a conventional world, but using unconventioal tactics. That describes Mill Swamp to a tee, albeit with a much pleasanter purpose, and a whole lot less expensive. We are indeed unconventional, and are rapidly carving out a bigger place in a much bigger world, what Mill Swamp does is becoming much more normal, much more easily observable fact, if one simply watches the chatter on internet forums and casual conversation. Change is slow, and often painful, but inevitable. Consider: The Queen of England has directed that her stables be taught through methods of Natural Horsemanship. The Houston TX. Mounted Patrol is entirely barefoot. (That still amazes me) There are growing numbers of Stables and equine organizations which are completely barefoot, or if not, the practice is much more widely recognized. The existence of organizations which put children on horses, even if not in the same way as Mill Swamp is growing steadily. The number of organizations that offer equine therapy are positively exploding..Veterans organizations, programs for people, particularly young people, who have challenging backgrounds...exploding.
Now, I cannot begin to quantify how Mill Swamp may have influenced this wave, but of one thing I am certain, Steve Edwards, and Mill Swamp, The little riders, the parents and adults, and most certainly the horses themselves have had that positive effect. There is truly no need to justify, or quantify such a phenomenon, one simply has to watch. Watch Abigail with Rico, Watch Hailey and Kiowa, Emily and Medicine Dog, Or, As I saw the other day, Lydia followed by Owl Prophet as she left the pasture, without a thought, turned and offered the horse a snack, and told him "I love you." I swear the horse nodded.
Better horses, better people, and better life for all of them.
I for one am extremely thankful for Mill Swamp..a place which has improved life for many, particularly for myself and my family.
Unconventional? Maybe. But not for long. -Lloyd