Monday, May 14, 2012

To Earn the Respect of Intelligent People

Bonnie Gruenberg, author of "Hoof Prints in the Sand," the best book heretofore written about the horses of the islands of the east coast, is working on three more books on the subject. She spent the weekend with us after spending Friday at Assateague and heading out for Corolla this morning. Bonnie has been researching and writing about these horses for nearly twenty years but had not ridden one before. She is a very skilled rider. Saturday night she joined us for a night ride. She rode the first half of the ride on Holland, a Shackleford, and rode home on Manteo a Corolla stallion. The last stretch through the woods was in total darkness. She learned first hand what these horses can do. She gave a great presentation to our riders on topics to be featured in her upcoming books. We work very hard to be more than a "ride in a circle in the sand" riding "lesson" facility. We are a center of education with speakers and programs that cover archeology, equine history, music, natural horse care, natural hoof care and natural horsemanship. This weekend was one of the most important ones for our program yet. This is a great shot of Bonnie over at the Spear's home during her presentation.


Deb said...

"This is a great shot of Bonnie over at the Spear's home during her pretension."

presume you meant "presentation" ?

Vickie Ives said...

I love Bonnie's book and am SO glad that she's doing more on our Sea Horses. *grin* Tell her we'd love to introduce her to some Texas Corollas. BTW, Tommi and CWH The Sea King won the Lido's Pleasure Class at the Tejas Indian Horse Club last weekend, and pocketed a cool $47. The matching $47 will go to the Lido's Fund. It was King's 3rd Lido's win--the most of any horses in the club.