Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yeah, What he Said!

I am being quoted all over the place according to a computer search. At least I think that I am. Several years ago I thought that I came up with one of my best lines ever. Referring to the Spanish mustang I wrote, "America's first horse is still America's best horse." I really thought that it was an original phrase.

Turns out that I was wrong. Part of the phrase I had inadvertently picked up from HOA texts and the first use of the phrase went back to Vickie Ives.

With that memory firmly in place, I hesitate to claim credit for a slogan that is being used by those who promote ponies as mounts for adults in several corners of the world. But...I think that "I ride ponies because heart is not measured in hands.", is a quotation from my essay, "I Ride Ponies". The essay is an excerpt from my book, "And a Little Child Shall Lead Them: Learning From Wild Horses and Small Children". (The book is now available through the Corolla Wild Horse Fund's on line gift shop.)

In any event, I certainly do not mind anyone else using the line. I strongly support the promotion of the smaller breeds, especially for grown ups, and even old people. Especially old people. Heart is not measure in hands and true age is not measured in years. True age is measured only in what one does,...... or what one gives up doing.

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