Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Sensible Plan

A pretty young nurse was on her first shift with a nurse that had been around the ER a decade or two. The older nurse immediately gave the young women time worn advice.

"Listen, do not date any of the cops and the paramedics that you meet in here," she warned.

"No need to worry about that. My future husband is a farmer," the young nurse responded.

"That's interesting. Where does he live?," she asked.

The young nurse responded, "Well I have no idea. I have not met him yet."

The best news that I see on the educational front is that more young people are interested in agriculture. They are not interested in being a factory worker that treats livestock as if they were machines. They are interested in being part of a true culture of of growth and life. My daughter and her husband work very hard on their second jobs as horticulturists. She loves her egg operation. Last night they showed me their outlay for their advertising/marketing program for the spring. He was in the Peace Corp. They both have Masters degrees.

When my daughter was young I do not imagine that she ever had a dream to marry a farmer, but it is obvious that she is glad that she did.

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