Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oh, They Tell Me of a Home Where My Friends Are All Gone

Good news normally comes with a, "but..." This one did not. This is pure good news and excitement. We provided some assistance to Boys Home in getting a natural horsemanship program started. Bonnie Wheatley has done a great job of working with the horses and the boys and the program is now well rooted.

They want to come back down soon and spend a weekend working horses and riding again. If there is a better way to spend a weekend I cannot think of it.

The best news of the good news is that Jimmy is doing great with his horse, Rain in The Face. Horses need more people like Jimmy and as Jimmy grows up I suspect that he will be a great teacher and mentor of kids that need a horse but just do not realize it yet.

This is a shot of the students when they visited last year.

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