Saturday, April 4, 2020

Making The Best Of It All

I can't complain. No, I mean I really can't complain. My family is going through nothing compared to what so many others are. In fact, it is only the uncertainty that has hammered me. Too many others are being hammered with certainty--the certainty of loss of jobs, loss of hope, loss of friends, and family members, and loss of life.

I have to spend less time looking at the news and more time training horses.

Although we can't get on stage, I have to spend more time playing music.

This might be a good time to rework a lot of my horses to make them gentler and more responsive

Might even be a good time to get on the computer and order some more riding clothes. Mine are about worn out.

Problem is that riding clothes that suit me well can be hard to fine. I despook my horses with monsters but if I dressed like this I would not expect a horse to let me come in close to mount up.

Of course, it would be easier if I had someone to give me a hand with all of these things. Ideally, it would be a kid who has been around horses and has ridden, trained, and played music since she was a very little girl. It would be even better if she knew how to cook everything the way I like it, (which is "now!"--that is how I like all my food prepared--"now!" and often sooner than that)

But where could I ever find a kid like that?


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