Sunday, March 11, 2018

Building Fences-Tearing Down Walls

So here is what is going on at the horse lot. A volunteer crew came out from Dominion Energy and cleared land Friday. Kids from the home school program hauled ash saplings that we have cut from the new land and are using it to construct a wattle fence in the settler's farm. Cub scouts and their families came out and worked hard building brush piles and then enjoyed a demonstration of natural horsemanship training in the round pen with a beautiful Marsh Tacky mare.

Several volunteers spent the morning in line picking up free saplings that we will plant as part of our soil and water conservation and agricultural education programs. Others spent the afternoon putting those saplings in pots inside our plastic storage building which makes for a perfect greenhouse.

While the afternoon's activities were going on, our Board of Directors was meeting to plan for program development and expansion for the year. And tomorrow night music program participants will gather to learn to perform more ancient songs on American traditional instruments. We are expecting our first Colonial Spanish foal of the year to be born any moment and three of our colonial goats will be having little ones in a couple of weeks. A new family joined our riding program.

And....time has changed and with the longer days many hours will be spent in the saddle after leaving the office.

History, horses, music, hard work, permaculture, soil conservation, rare breeds preservation, animal husbandry, natural horsemanship, education, entertainment, and public service--that's what is going on at the horse lot.

 We are building fences and tearing down the walls that separate and isolate people.

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