Thursday, February 8, 2018

Enough Wisdom To Get Through The Winter

"Ain't but two kinds of music--the blues and zip-a-day-do-do."
Townes Van Zandt 

"Ain't but two kinds of music--the good music and the bad music. I play the good."
Louis Armstrong

" Horses don't have birthdays. They come in three ages--too young to ride, too old to ride, and alright to ride"

"Which one the biggest, Steve or the pony?"
Benny Poole, a very old farrier when Daddy asked him how old he thought my yearling pony would need to be before I started riding him (I was age 2 at the time.)

"When you get hung up bad in briers-- accelerate"
Even more Anonymous than the first one

"I have seen the David. Seen the Mona Lisa too
 And I have seen Doc Watson play the 'Columbus Stockade Blues'"
Guy Clark

"Ain't but two kind of men and I ain't neither one of them."
Jason Isbell

"Eugene Parker's a big farmer. He run liquor and grew corn.
 Beat his wife on Saturday. Headed up the Deacon Board."

"When children die they die deader than old people do when they die."

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