Friday, February 2, 2018

Collision:Walking In Two Worlds

The unexamined life is not worth living--Socrates

"Twenty years? No one should do that more than two years." That is what a former prosecutor told me this week when I told him that I have just past my 20th anniversary of prosecuting crimes against children and sexual assaults.

One of my greatest hopes in life is that over the next fifty years programs like ours will pop up all over the country. I often stress how simple it is to do what we do when urging others to merge education, entertainment, public service, livestock conservation, and permaculture and healing into one program.

I have often said that anyone who cares about horses and kids could do what we do.

I am not certain anymore that that is true. My life is limited to prosecution and running the horse lot. If my regular job did not provide such unyielding pain I doubt if I would have the energy or drive to throw the rest of my life into running the horse lot.

And yes, I realize how old I am. And yes, I realize that I have not been getting enough sleep since 1992. And I know that my truck has over a quarter of a million miles on it. And yes, I know that my guitar is only a Sigma because I would feel very selfish if I bought an expensive Martin.

But I know that the New Land must be cleared. And I know that there are hundreds of people in our area that need for our program.

But it is more difficult than some might imagine to spend a wonderful day helping a new rider gain confidence and skill and then have nightmares in which my little riders images are substituted for the victims of crimes that I am prosecuting at the moment.

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