Friday, February 9, 2018

Biological Farming: Building Better Pasture One Cell At a Time

I have spent a lot of time learning about pasture development over the past two years. I have absorbed everything that I can about rotational grazing. What we want is easily definable--first rate forage growth, high quality forage production with high mineral content, soil that absorbs water with minimal run off, and plants with deep root systems.

We are converting twenty acres of over grown land that was pasture about 15 years ago. I have taken on line classes with Simple Soil Solutions and have learned how to advance microbial growth by rolling out round bales and have come to understand the detrimental effect of soil compaction.

Spring is coming soon and we are beginning to plan for production of Indigenous Microbial Organisms to spray on the land. Production and use of IMO's will be another wonderful step towards raising healthier, happier horses in a natural model that helps bring the cost of ownership of horses within the reach of working families.

If you have pasturage or if you simply care about preservation and enhancement of soil, research biological farming, microbial enhancement, and use of IMO's.

Or, if mindless conformity to the p;pronouncements of big agribusiness is more of your style, then continue to spend a fortune on modern chemicals that poison your land and produce lower quality pasture while closely adhering to the dictates of the established horse world.

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