Friday, January 5, 2018

Steady Growing: A Post From a Home School Mother

This is a guest post from Lauren Glover. She and Gracie are a big part of our Home School Program and Music Program

"Since we started attending Mill Swamp Indian Horses earlier this year, we have gained so much from this program! We have found a new love for horses, esp. rare and amazing Spanish Colonial horses, as well as other Colonial strains of goats, pigs and even people (lol!).

I have enjoyed watching my 8-year old daughter experience the following: how to train and ride wild horses, agriculture, biology, ecology, chemistry, animal husbandry, learning and playing old songs on older instruments (a dulcimer, graciously loaned to us by the executive director of horse farm/program, Steve Edwards), enjoying teamwork and doing hard work (learning good work ethic)...and most of which all occurs before noon on Fridays!

Then, in the afternoon, she can learn some additional skills (weaving, gardening, etc.) which would have occurred during the Colonial times. We have both made wonderful friendships and have learned a lot! Can't wait to see what the new year brings! Thank you Steve, and the all-volunteer staff at Mill Swamp Indian Horses for all you do all year 'round!"

(Mill Swamp Indian Horses is the program name for Gwaltney Frontier Farm, Inc. We are a 501 (c) 5 nonprofit breed conservation program outside of Smithfield Virginia. We have no paid staff. All of the programs are conducted by experienced volunteers. For more information, see our web site or send me an email at
Steve Edwards

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