Sunday, January 21, 2018

Not A Time To Be Playing

We spent the weekend in Maryland at a stop in the Equus Film Festival's tour. It is the first time that I have seen Kay Kerr's award winning short film "Croatoan's Memoirs" on a big screen. I was floored. It is one of the most powerful short films that I have ever seen--perfect narration, incredible photography and very deep meaning. The picture above is from the question and answer session that I gave after the film aired.

The day's are getting longer. It is a time to plan and a time to get things done. Next week our Board of Directors will get together for a planning session with an eye towards not only keeping our program going, but having it grow at an explosive rate.

We have  much that must be accomplished over the next 45 days in order to grow our soil, so that it can grow our forage, so it can feed our livestock, so we can raise enough Corolla Colonial Spanish Mustangs to prevent their extinction.

That means turning the New Land into Eden for rare, historic horses, goats, hogs, and poultry. It means converting the New Land into the region's largest living classroom to teach permaculture, biological farming, and poison free forage production. That means obtaining examples of early colonial trees to plant around the Settler's Farm. That means repairing and enhancing buildings that compose the Settler's Farm. That means developing our Living History/drama program.

That means becoming a 501(c)3 in addition to our 501(c)5 status.

Last year I spent less time in the saddle than I have in any of the past fifteen years. That is very unhealthy for my mind and my body. I spent less time in the round pen training horses than I have in any of the last fifteen years.

And for the next six months our office faces the most intense stretch of murder and sexual assault trials that the county has ever experienced over a similar time period. Last week marked my twentieth year of prosecuting crimes against children.

And the sun is close enough to rising for me to head out to the New Land two put in a few hours of brush clearing before today's rides begin.

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