Sunday, January 7, 2018

In Today's Forecast, A Strong Happiness Front Has Moved Down From the North

We found out about Mill Swamp when a homeschool group had told us about it. When we went the first time the people there were very nice, and the man that ran the place, Steve, was also nice. I had noticed that there were kids around my age and younger saddling up horses, I thought that was really cool!!! The next Friday we went back, there were more children, there was one family we now know very well, and they come out on Fridays. We call it Homeschool Friday because everyone that comes out, is homeschooled.

                                                                   Hugelkulture Construction

While we’re there, we learn about the different types of farming such as permaculture, vermiculture and hugelkultur. We learn about breed preservation, the colonial hogs, the turkeys, and we learn about the breeds of horses. One kind of breed that’s my favorite is Corolla, I like that breed because one of my favorite horses is a Corolla, his name is Sampson he’s here because a car hit him, and his buddy, is Porter, Porter also got hit by a car. I like Sampson because he’s catchable, he’s sweet, and is a good listener!!!
                                                       Red Feather in the Round Pen

 When we’re training in the round pen that’s one of my other favorite parts about the farm, he teaches us about control and affection, 51% control and 49% affection. He also talks about how much we are like predators,and shows us how to change our body movements so the horse knows you’re not going to hurt them. I love going into the round pen to train horses it’s really fun. It teaches the horse who the boss is, and that things can be scary, but don’t have to hurt. We also use these things called monsters,for instance, we have the bag monster, which is a paper bag tied to a crop and a rock monster which is an old gatorade bottle filled with rocks and sand. Monsters help train horses to learn that they don’t need to be afraid of that thing, and that they can drive away that scary thing.
                                                    Learning  to Play Music and Perform

Overall I think that Mill Swamp is the best place to be because I learn about the horses and myself.

by:Ming Cunniff

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