Thursday, January 18, 2018

And Life That You Might Have it More Abundantly

Went out in the snow to meet two gentlemen at the horse lot who understand what young people need. They are putting together the Isle of Wight County Public School Farm. They are introducing high school students to the soil. It is an important task. They are opening the door to authentic, meaningful lives for kids who live in a plastic, digital world.

They will be using three of our San Clemente/Syfan cross goats in the program. The goats will aid in learning about heritage breeds, breed conservation, and niche farming. For years our programs have introduced kids to much more than horses. They are learning, and will learn more, about permaculture and livestock conservation in our program.

I am delighted that public school students in Isle of Wight will have this opportunity as part of their regular school day.

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