Monday, September 4, 2017


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Just fourteen months ago I finished riding 1002 miles in six months. Yesterday I rode 14.65 miles, likely the most miles that I have ridden in one day in all of 2017.

It was brutal.

Not all that long ago I would never call such a short ride "brutal". I would have likely called it simply "Tuesday". My physical deterioration has been at a lightening pace. In terms of simply my ability to lift weight, I am weaker than I have been at any point since 1990.

Once again, I am working to restore my health. Back to tabata. Back to a bit of barefoot jogging. Back to a bit of kettle bell work. Back to clearing land with the chain saw.

And most importantly--back to riding and writing.

The writing part is very important. When I keep a rigidly accurate log of the number of miles that I ride I find that I ride more--many more--miles than if I fail to do so.

Perhaps there is something out there better for my mind and my body than riding hard. If so, I have gone fifty seven years without finding that thing.

There really is no need to.

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