Friday, September 1, 2017

Fall Home School Friday Program to Begin in October

Our Friday Home school pilot program has been a tremendous success and we are ready to take it to a higher level beginning the first Friday in October. A herd of nearly extinct Colonial Spanish horses, endangered Colonial Spanish goats and hogs, heritage turkeys and a replicate 1650's era farm site with a settlers home, tobacco barn, corn crib and smoke house is our class room.

The Friday sessions do not focus on riding lessons. Instead they present a wide range of programs that include using natural horsemanship to train horses, rare breed conservation, history, stone age technology (making arrowheads, bow construction, hide tanning, etc, soil and water conservation through the development of permaculture projects, and even music sessions where students old time American folk and roots songs and are given the opportunity to learn to play ancient American folk instruments.

And they learn to work, and work together. Work projects often include fence repair, land clearing, and feeding and care of livestock.

And all of this for only $85.00 per family per month. And if a family participates in our riding program there is no charge at all for the program.

Visit for an introduction to our non profit organization. We are all volunteers, no paid staff.

For more information email us at We are located just outside of Smithfield Virginia. Sessions last from 9-4 each Friday

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