Monday, July 17, 2017

The Temperament of Our Horses--For Sale

Yes, one thing that we are able to sell because of our efforts to preserve the nearly extinct horses of the Outer Banks of North Carolina is their temperament.

Their gaits are smooth and they endurance is beyond the imagination of most owners of modern horses. With strong, healthy hooves and remarkable need to bond with people, they make the perfect family horses.

Matchcoor's mother was born wild on Shackleford Island and his father was born wild in the Corolla herd.

When he is weaning age he will be available for placement with someone who will help carry on the work of the conservation of the Colonial Spanish mustangs of the Outer Banks. His sales price at weaning age will be $1,200.00. Purchaser must agree to maintain him as a stallion and allow him to be bred to mares who are in the conservation program at no cost.

Our program currently has six stallions from Corolla or Shackleford on site. Most of the stallions, even those born wild, are often ridden with groups of mares and geldings. Great genetics gives them a big head start but the gentle, yet firm, early handling that all of our horses receive brings out the sweetness of their nature.

One of the points that I have to constantly stress to riders in our program is that they cannot expect other horses to be as safe, calm, and sweet natured as ours and that they will have to be much more careful around modern horses who are not allowed to live as naturally as our herd does.

Within the next few weeks we expect several more foals to be born and We plan to breed three mares for next year.

If you want to acquire one of these horses and become part of the effort to preserve this nearly extinct strain of Colonial Spanish horses contact me at


Laura Glover said...

One day!

Hi! said...

Hello! You are doing an amazing job with the Corolla Horses & Mustangs. I truly adore them! Yes, I'll certainly contact you by Email, when I'm ready to have the right place for them. I've been reading about them for over a decade or so, when a friend of mine -from Virginia- first told me about the Stunning Wild Ponies living alone after the year 1500 or so in the Outer Banks of NC. Then, I fell in love with them. My friend, Ruthie told me their story that a group of small Spanish horses swam to the shore, after the sailors of Spanish Ships set them free for whatever reason. At the present time, I'm Overseas. I've been having this dream since my early childhood, to save endangered species or species in a brink to extinction. We are Retired folks, old timers, at this point with hearts full of dreams. Yes! I would love to participate, and become part of the effort to preserve the Colonial Spanish Horses, if that is God's will. I pray God may give us a longer & healthier life to make our dreams come true. My hubby is a Retired Chief of the Emergency Room -Physician Surgeon, Doctor Paul (76) graduated Overseas. I'm a U.S. Citizen (63), & Retired ESL Teacher (English as a Second Language Teacher.) I use my second name, Lillian in this Blog. I used to study Law Overseas for 4 years. As a young student with strong moral values, I wanted to become a Criminal Prosecutor. Sadly, I couldn't finish my career in Law for other reasons. We make plans to buy a Horse Farm with acreage to welcome them, God's willing. Our goals for a farm could be settled in North or South Carolina, God's willing. Welcome Aboard!! May God bless you forever!!