Saturday, June 10, 2017

Why Don't Your Pig Pens Stink? Why Is There Cardboard In Your Pig Pens?

The same answer applies to both questions. The available carbon that is held in the card board binds the ammonia/nitrogen in the manure, virtually eliminating odor while at the same time producing a rapidly decomposing compost.

Permaculture and related natural soil building techniques are fascinating to apply. The results are shocking to those of us who are only learning about this new/old world of agriculture.

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George W said...

Inky, (our bottle fed orphan pig...and Charlotte's gggg'reat grandpig..) is still on his cultured bedding....less than a cubic foot or so of soil and wood chips...four weeks on it and it had started to smell a little strong...not bad...just like very rich loam...added a scoop of wood chips amd mixed it up good...smell is gone, and the microbes are settling into their new wood chip homes to go to work on it.
The initial experiment is alomost over Inky has learned to jump out of the box and come find somebody to give him his lunch...