Sunday, April 2, 2017

Another Great Corolla Foal Coming This Summer

Tradewind, a formerly wild Corolla Stallion and 2011 Horse of the America's Registry National Pleasure Trail Horse of the Year, shown at the top, is bred to Baton Rouge, a formerly wild Corolla mare whose father was Cyclops, the famed, one-eyed lead stallion at Corolla.

It is difficult to imagine the foal being anything but spectacular. This cross has has been made once before, resulting in The Black Drink, a stunning young stallion who is at Boy's Home in Covington, Virginia.

Like all of the foals produced in the offsite breeding program this one will be available for purchase to someone who agrees to use the foal to produce more of these nearly extinct, historic horses.

We are a 501 (c) 5 non-profit breed conservation program. We have no paid staff. Everyone that works in our program is a volunteer. Our program is unique and multifaceted.

See our web site and learn about the breadth of our program.

Our horses consume over 10,000 pounds of hay each week. This is our first month long social media fundraising effort.

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