Sunday, March 5, 2017

"And When You Get Big... can be one of my best helpers, like the Big Girls and Chris."

That is the best offer that I can make to any child participating in our program. One of the most important things that our program has to offer to young people is the opportunity to work closely with the other young people who make things happen at the horse lot.

Each of these four embody what I consider to be four of the principle virtues that humans should seek--courage, generosity, honesty, and resilience. They give lectures on maturity and ethical behavior that last hours long, weekend after weekend, without ever opening their mouths.

They lecture with their actions.

When parents come out for the first time to see how we do things I always explain that one of the best things is that little kids get to spend time with my main riders and helpers. Parents never have the remotest understanding of how important that is.

After their child has been in the program a few months every single one of them understands how important that is

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